Still no word but, I wrote NBC Dateline again

2006 October 07

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
Dear Mr Slepian, I realize I have received no response to my earlier e mails, yet I happened to run across a time line of events my mother put together for the child support issue. I wanted you to see that we have been fighting these 2 states for close to 23 years. Some of the dates are a bit incorrect and mother transposed the amount owed but for the most part it's pretty much accurate. If I need to correct the actual dates & figures I will. I am sorry to continue to send you all of these things but I am hoping there is someone there at NBC that looks into the child support system. Louisiana & Mississippi knew it was going to be a struggle so they bounced me back & forth both claiming "not their jurisdiction". The one & only time I was even given judgment [in LA] they reduced it by over half because they have some clause [in LA] that says you only have so long to file, then POOF it all goes away... I am begging you to give this to anyone who has an interest into digging into the horrible DHS systems in both MS & LA and see what they put me through for 18 years, then turned my daughter away when she was still asking for help. I thought that's what they did, help people? How long are you supposed to wait? It's now been 23 years. (And they think we are going away?) How many other mothers are out there have went through the same thing I did and have gotten nothing. It's easier to pass out tax payers checks than to go after the men who actually should be paying it. No wonder so many women are on welfare. I too had get on welfare back then, it is humiliating and infuriating at the same time. Thank you again for your precious time I know you are very busy and I apologize for intruding. My sincerest regards, Leyona Goldman Skeen Mother of the late Heather-Renee' Skarina