Still no clear answers

2006 October 24

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
Ms Martin/Mr Knight I received the/your letter Mr Knight sent my mother but where is mine? I had pertinent questions, & still 2 weeks later have no response nor letter. I have yet to receive the reports & photos (not paper copies) from your office. I do believe I was the one to request them. My mother did get some things but NOTHING pertaining to your investigation. I am also still waiting for a response to what exactly does"reasons beyond our control" mean in regards to the 2nd autopsy. If you were unable to preform one why is it that you waited for months to tell us this? do the slides still exist or did they let the lab destroy them? I need to know if they are still available for an independent to review them. and the photos from the autopsy (not paper copies) In short, I want everything. I want to see for myself your reports, the re interviews that were suggested by the LA Police when Det Stephans was told to do so. I also would like the transcripts of the tapes or possibly a copy of the tapes would be great, I would love to hear the voice of Michael and see how he reacts to the questions. I expect a response to MY LETTER, not a curt generalized response sent to my mother. I have taken the liberty of attaching my original e mail I look forward to answers to my questions. Please, I am so tired of lies & half truths just give it to me straight or stop wasting our time. Leyona Goldman Skeen 808-780- cell 808-394- HM 808-394- FAX *YOU MAY FAX THESE TO ME IF YOU LIKE, THIS COMES STRAIGHT TO ME> Martin, Kristen wrote: Ms. Skeen, Mr. Knight wanted me to inform you that he responded to Ms. Goldman’s email in writing and you will also receive a copy of it. Sincerely, Kristen Martin