STILL NO response from the Attorney General

2006 October 06

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
I believe you failed to respond to my e mail Mr Knight. so I have resent it here for you at the bottom.... Although I do appreciate the copy of the letter you sent to Mother I am still waiting for my response. Your letter to my Mother was very timely in coming although I believe I was the one who requested the crime scene photos & they somehow went to mother, thank you for that. Imagine her surprise and anguish. Those where pictures she did not want to see; So again you have caused my mother agonizing pain over this. You also mention "for reasons beyond your control" there was never a 2nd autopsy? So why were we told it was being done. What reasons? The tissue samples are still available are they not? why should it take 6 weeks to look over another doctors findings and I have been the medical field for almost 20 years now. I know how doctors are reluctant to find differently from a college unless it's such gross negligence. So to my belief is you had a conversation in the hallway and her word was gospel? I look forward to a detailed explanation of all matters addressed. I am tired, I have been jumping through Louisiana HOOPS far too long , 22 years 2 month and 10 days.....and counting, just to jump thru more I will keep jumping & so will Mother because when all is said and done he will be held accountable. I am so disappointed in your office, I hope you never ever loose a child. Much less in such a baffling manner to so many people that knew her loved her and heard about her, worked with her; she was a happy girl who had so much to look forward too. You expect me to believe she would go to a relative stranger before she'd go to the family that was always there for her, did everything we could to help , if she was upset, dispondant She would have gone to REAL FAMILY She was there for a total of 9 days with no cell phone except his. Now how about his cell phone..did you check it to see if she called anyone prior? Probably not. I am sorry but I know how badly Katrina took it's toll, same for my family in MS, but to brush off a case just because it looked easy was shameful and negligent on their part and yours for not having the tissue samples reviewed again. Thank you for the time you put into this case, You may not chose to believe this but I really do. Regards, Leyona Skeen