Freddy B's Letter to the DA & Grand Jury

2006 January 10

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
Dear Rapides Parish District Attorney I am writing in regards to the investigation in Heather-Renee's clearly apparent homicide. I knew Heather-Renee for several years as a photographer and above all a friend. I feel her death was a tragedy for the people that loved her and the people that she never had the chance to meet. Heather- Renee was always positive with great inspirations to go forward in life. Her love for life was never ending. She enjoyed the fulfillment of modeling and meeting people. I can not think for the life of me of why she would contemplate suicide or over indulge in alcohol. She had dreams that she shared with all that now she will never get achieve. The talks we had were very positive and to be honest "Uplifting". She brought about a glow to peoples lives that will surely be missed. There is a lot of unanswered questions regarding the death of Heather- Renee.. I feel the answers to these questions must be found so that justice will be served and closure for her family will bet met Thank you Freddy Beeson