Doug Rowan's letter to the DA & Grand Jury

2006 January 10

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
Dear Sir, As a long time friend of the late Heather Renee' Skarina-Skeen, I am concerned regarding the events surrounding her death. It appears that her death is being considered a suicide and I cannot disagree with this more. As a friend of hers for over 5 years, I feel obligated to strongly object to the findings made by the coroners office. Heather Renee' was one of the most up-beat, positive and fun loving individuals I have ever known. While being the one person you could count on to light up the room, she was always honest and openly positive about life and her joy of looking forward to whatever life might bring her. I would hate to think that her death would be treated with such disrespect as to not investigate every aspect of it, & the surrounding circumstances. There are many inconsistencies surrounding her death, such as her Father lying concerning the events both before and after her death. I would hope that your office will do the right thing and treat this case with the respect and concern it warrants. Sincerely, Doug Rowan