Letter to Coroner ?? the autospy

2005 December 16

Created by Leyona 12 years ago
QUESTIONS IN REGARDS TO THE AUTOPSY OF HEATHER-RENEE’ SKARINA Introduction: I have outlined my questions and concerns in regards to the autopsy performed on Heather-Renee’ Skeen @ the Lafayette Parish Coroner and Forensic Facility. Then subsequently sent to Rapides Parrish Coroner’s Office (# 05-293) I. External Examination: Your report states: Scalp hair is blond (?) 1. Heather-Renee’ hair was naturally very dark & dark when she passed away also in the crime scene photos there is a used coloring kit on the counter in the bathroom. A possible puncture, surrounded by red/blue contusion is present on the anterior/medial left arm. 1. Why was this NEVER MENTIONED by anyone? They didn’t even investigate it further after being told the case was under investigation and we had called to be sure they had EVERYTHING, so we could go ahead with the cremation. They assured us they had all they needed. II. Scars and identifying marks : No identifying marks or scars are readily apparent. A. Heather-Renee’ had appendectomy scars only a year or two old. B. She had a large brown birthmark on the outside of her left hip IV. Internal Examination: PULMONARY from report A. RIGHT Lung weights 680g (normal 360-570 female) B. LEFT lung weights 580g (normal 360-570) C. “There is blood in the larynx, trachea and bronchi which are otherwise free of debris, foreign material or abnormal secretions. Their mucosa is pink-tan and smooth, without abnormalities” Except for a blood aspiration pattern, the visceral pleural surfaces are unremarkable. Cut surfaces of the lungs show a crepitant, deep red to parenchyma, with mild congestion and edema. Hepatobiliary: 1 approximately 6ml of brown/yellow fluid is collected for toxicology. 2 Where is this report? Gastrointestinal tract: Gastric contents are dark/ brown, opaque, thick and total approximately 30ml, without fragments !. Why wasn’t this fluid sent to toxicology , when this is where the highest concentration of drugs would be found? Hematopoietic: Spleen weighs 180g and has a smooth intact capsule covering a deep red-purple, moderately firm parenchyma with massive, scattered, apparent infarcts.