18 pages!Child support Timeline: Letter to Mr Wally Nalor , MS Director of Child Support Enforcement

2006 February 05

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Carol Goldman wrote: February 5, 2006 Mr. Wally Naylor MS Director Child Support Enforcement 4777 Megar Evers Blvd. Jackson MS 39206 Mr. Naylor, My name is Carol Goldman; I am the maternal grandmother of Heather Renee Skarina. (Case #124-64-8602A). This case is now in my name (case #600-74-5220B). This is a very lengthy letter and humbly request you take a few minutes to read it in its entirety. This is a matter of grave importance to our family. My granddaughter died unrepentantly at the home of her estranged natural father Michael David Skarina on September 18, 2005. Her death is under investigation by the authorities in Louisiana where the natural father lives. I am writing this letter to you, begging you for assistance. Below is an overview of the chain of events which has led me to contacting you directly for assistance. 1981 My daughter (Leyona Ruth Skeen) married Michael David Skarina in LA July 8, 1983 Heather Renee Skarina was born in Colorado (Michael in US Army) January 1984 Michael beats Leyona, she is hospitalized, I fly her and baby to MS) April 1984 Leyona goes to LA, for military doctor visits, Michael kidnaps Heather May 1984 We go to CO for the return of Heather and obtain divorce, Oct. 1984 Final divorce in CO, child support order for $350 a month retro to January ‘84 1984 $100 paid in Child Support 1985 Michael leaves military to avoid wage garnishment of child support 1985 “0” paid in Child Support 1986 “0” paid in Child Support 1987 $525 paid in Child Support 1988 “0” paid in Child Support 1989 “0” paid in Child Support 1990 “0” paid in Child Support Sept. 1990 Leyona Skeen seeks assistance from DHS: Rankin CO to collect delinquent child support, URESA filed. To date Michael Skarina is over $24K in arrears on child support January 1991 Order and Judgment (LA) for $18,255.00 back child support. Michael ordered to pay $350 per month plus $25 per month on arrearage to MS DHS/child support for Heather Renee Skarina. 1993 Michael Skarina living in MS has paid “0” in child support. DHS attorney notified of his location and address and we begged for assistance in having him arrested or brought to court. DHS: Rankin County did nothing, said not their order. 1994 again notified DHS: Rankin County that Michael was living in Hattiesburg MS, nothing done to pursue collection of child support. Said not their order. 1994 Michael changes IRS withholdings to avoid tax return being sent to Leyona Skeen. Michael Skarina has now moved and lived in more than 5 states, changing jobs and IRS withholdings to avoid paying child support. He has married three times. March 1998 DHS request LA to close their files that MS will proceed with collection of child support... Sept. 1999 notified Rankin County DHS of Michael Skarina’s address in LA. DHS stated Rankin County could not go to LA and no way to bring Michael Skarina to MS. July 2003 Heather Renee Skarina goes to DHS: Rankin County to ask for assistance with back child support so she can attend college. Heather told they could not talk to her as she was minor and file was in mother’s name. Leyona had moved to Hawaii. Heather told to return when she turned 21, and pursue as adult owed money. March 2005 Heather retains MS attorney to pursue back child support owed to her. Amount of arrearage is now in excess of $75, 000.00. June 2005 Michael Skarina becomes aware Heather has retained attorney to pursue arrearages. He contacts her after not having any contact in over eight years. He invites her to his wedding in July 05; Heather declines and tells him to pay her what she owes him. Sept 18, 2005 Heather’s mother Leyona Skeen, receives phone call from Michael Skarina’s mother stating, “ No other way to tell you this, but Heather is dead”, and then she hung up. Michael Skarina had come to MS and taken Heather to LA. No clothing, personal items or her car was taken, just her. No one aware she was in LA. November 14, 2005 obtained Rankin County Court Order appointing me as Administrator of Estate of Heather Renee Skarina. November 14, 2006 obtained Rankin County Court Order assigning child support to estate. Events since contacting DHS Rankin County, MS December 14, 2005 I went to DHS Rankin County office and met with Ms. Lee and Ms. Cheek. I gave them copies of court order assigning me as Administrator of Heathers estate and copy of Rankin County court order assigning Child Support to estate. I was told that the Rankin County DHS office would pursue placing Michael Skarina on the MS ten most wanted posters, they would get a order of incarceration for Michael Skarina and said they needed a copy of the final divorce degree and original order of child support. They told me the amount owed was a felony and Michael should be buried under the jail not in it. I was told they would assist me in prosecuting Michael Skarina to the fullest extent of the law. Ms. Lee told me a packet would be prepared and given to Ms Cynthia Cohly, attorney for DHS: Rankin County, MS. I updated both ladies on the current actual physical address of Michael Skarina; I told them my worst fear was that once Michael became knowledgeable of my pursuing the back child support he would flee. I told them he had the means as he was in the National Guard and his past history of fleeing to avoid paying child support was very evident. Both ladies assured me they would help. I went home feeling overwhelmed with relief that finally someone was going to help. I immediately contacted Colorado to obtain the requested copies of the divorce and child support order. I had to hire a courier in Colorado to get the copies, the state no longer will mail them, and you must appear in person. December 16, 2005 received documents from Colorado and immediately copied them and mailed to Ms Lee, DHS: Rankin County. I also called and told her they were in the mail to her. December 19, 2005 I spoke with Ms Sharon Cheek, she stated she had not completed the packet for Ms Cohly but would do so this day. She said they needed a picture of Michael Skarina for the 10 most wanted posters. I told her we had no current pictures and she already had pictures in the file taken when the URESA was filed. I asked her to check and see if their office could not get a copy of Michaels LA driver’s license or his National Guard ID, both of which would be current pictures. She said she would ask Ms. Cohly to do this. December 21, 2005 Contacted DHS: Rankin Count, nothing still done, Ms. Lee and Ms. Cheek would not talk to me, clerk said they were unavailable. I then contacted Ms Linda Slaughter, Regional Director DHS, Rankin County. She said she would intervene in my behalf. She was also concerned that speed was of the essence due to Michael Skarina being a high flight risk. Received a call from Cynthia Cohly, attorney for DHS, Rankin County. She asked me to brief her as she had no knowledge of the issue. She sits in an office next to Ms. Lee. Ms Cohly then tells me she will talk to Ms Lee and Ms Cheek and review file, she said she would contact Attorney General’s office to see if they will proceed with prosecution due to the amount, the history and knowing Michael is a flight risk. Ms Cohly states steps can be taken to garnish Michael Skarina’s, National Guard pay, his current job wages, any assets he may have and even suspend his drivers license, restricting him to driving only back and forth to work. She said she would call me back. December 22, 2005 Received call to go to DHS, Rankin County to sign papers and complete application to have file transferred from Leyona Skeen to my name. Upon arriving Ms Lee and Ms Cohly met with me. I was told there were hurtles to overcome. Rankin County DHS had never officially opened a case in court; therefore they actually had no jurisdiction over the case. Ms Cohly stated she would meet with the attorney for the Attorney Generals office and Judge Redfern to get direction and advice on how to proceed with collection of child support. Ms Cohly said she could contact LA and request a copy of Michael Skarina’s Louisiana Drivers License. Ms Cohly stated she would not be able to contact the Attorney Generals office or Judge Redfern until after January l, as both men were on holiday leave. She said she would call me after the first of the year with an update. January 4, 2006 called DHS: Rankin County, Ms Cohly, Ms Lee, and Ms Cheek unavailable to speak to me. Left messages for any or all of them to return my call. January 5, 2006 called DHS: Rankin County, Ms Lee spoke with me and stated their office was completing an order for contempt and incarceration to be sent to Louisiana for them to serve Michael Skarina. I informed her that I had just received confirmation from Louisiana that Michael Skarina was an employee of the Rapides Louisiana Sheriff’s office, and a sworn deputy. Ms Lee said the court order would be for Michael to appear in Rankin County and if he failed to comply a warrant for his arrest would be issued. Ms Cheek told me she would call me when the paperwork was completed and sent to Louisiana. January 6, 2006 called Ms Lee to confirm and review everything she had told me yesterday. Ms Lee unavailable and Ms Cheek took my call. Ms Cheek stated their printer was broken and they had to have the forms sent to them by another office. Ms Cheek was very vague and when I asked questions she would respond, she didn’t know, she was experienced in those areas, she only completed paperwork did not know how the system worked etc... She left me feeling thoroughly confused and not feeling confident that events I was told would happen would actually materialize. I asked Ms Cheek to please have Ms Cohly or Ms Lee contact me ASAP. Ms Cheek then told me she would contact me when the paperwork was sent to Louisiana. January 10, 2006 called DHS: Rankin County, I had not heard back from anyone. Left message to have someone contact me. January 11, 2006 called DHS: Rankin County, left messages again to have someone call me. January 12, 2006 contacted DHS: Rankin County, spoke with Ms Cohly, she said Ms Cheek had “mailed” and “faxed” paperwork to Louisiana, District Attorney’s office. I then contacted Mr. Robert Levy, Assistant District Attorney, child support office, to find out if they had received the above paperwork. Secretary said she had no knowledge of any paperwork being received and would have him contact me tomorrow; he was out of the office today. January 13, 2006 spoke with Mr. Robert Levy, assistant DA, in Louisiana. He stated their office was not in receipt of anything from Mississippi, but he would work with us in pursuing collection of child support owed by Michael Skarina. He said LA would need documents from MS to pursue this issue. I told him I would get a court order for copies of all DHS records in Mississippi. January 18, 2006 Received email from Mr. Robert Levy, their office was still not in receipt of any correspondence from MS. I called DHS: Rankin County office, no one was available to speak with me. January 18, 2006 I went to DHS: Rankin County office. Ms Cohly would not see me, Ms Cheek out of office for the day. I told the clerk I had an email from LA, District Attorneys office saying they had not received any correspondence from MS and I was not leaving until I spoke with someone. She went and got Ms Lee. Ms Lee could not find copy of transmittal to LA... She then said they might have sent it to the wrong address. I asked her to call LA, and ask them what address the paperwork should be sent to. I gave her the phone number to call. She called and was told the address she (Ms Lee) had was incorrect. But!! The email address was right. Ms Lee was told the office in LA had not received the email in question. I asked Ms Lee to see the transmittal that was her office said they emailed on January 12, 2006. There were four (4) pages and she let me see page l and 4 only. Page one had errors all over it. The case was my number but my daughter’s name. The amount of support was $150 not the correct amount of $350 plus the $25 for arrearage. The total dollar amount of the arrearage was $24, 000 not $78, 000. The dates of the arrearage were 9/91-1/06, and should have been 9/84-7/83. Paperwork said “divorced in LA, it should have stated divorced in Colorado”. Also there was no date on the transmittal. I pointed out all these errors and asked to see pages 2 and 3. She said she had to step away from her desk for a moment. She took the file with her, came back about 10 minutes later, demanded I return the two pages she had given me. She said she had called the Regional Director Ms Jayna Estes and been instructed by her to retrieve the papers given to me. Ms Lee turned off her computer, said their printer was still not working and she needed to have another office send her a printout of payment history and new forms to complete to send to LA. She told me I could not have copies of anything that if I wanted them I would have to get a court order signed by a judge. She did tell me she would correct all the errors on the paperwork, email and mail them ASAP. She said she would contact me when this was done. I left DHS: Rankin County and went to attorney’s office. I requested that he pursue a court order to obtain copies of all DHS: Rankin County records. January 24, 2006 I contacted LA, they still have not received anything from MS. January 26, 2006 Called DHS: Rankin County, I asked Ms Lee if the paperwork had been sent to LA yet. Ms Lee said “NO”, but she would do it today and call me right back to let me know it had been sent. She said she did not know why it wasn’t done by now. Ms Lee called me back and said they were having problems sending fax because the line was continually busy, but she would keep trying and call me when she successfully sent the fax. I asked Ms Lee to please go over the information on the paperwork to ensure all the information on it was correct. She reluctantly agreed after I kept insisting. I was shocked to find out the information on the forms were still all incorrect. No changes had been made at all. The information was the same errors made on the document I saw on January 18, 2006. I was in tears with her; I could not believe she was telling me she was sending bad information. Ms Lee stated she would make pen and ink corrections to the forms and call me when she successfully emailed it. I was devastated. Received email from my attorney stating DHS: Rankin County had been served with court order for copies of all files/notes and records. He will contact me when he receives the packet. January 30, 2006 called DHS: Rankin County, no one was available to speak with me. I informed clerk that Louisiana had not received any paperwork. Clerk said she would have someone call me. Ms Cheek called me; she was very short and asked, “What can I do for you now?” I told her Louisiana was still saying they had not received anything and it had been almost two weeks since I was told it was done. She said we are having problems with the machine in LA, it keeps saying the line is busy. I told her she was not being truthful with me because I had called Louisiana and they assured me their fax machine was in perfect order. Ms Cheek hung up on me. January 31, 2006 called DHS: Rankin County, spoke with Ms Lee, she stated on January 26, 2006 late in the evening she successfully sent fax paperwork to LA. I told her I would contact LA to verify they had all the documents they needed. I thanked her for helping me... February 1, 2006 I received email from Mr. Robert Levy, DA child support in LA. His office had received 11 pages of paperwork (cover page, page 3 and 4 of a transmittal, 5 pages of the URESA, 1 page of a affidavit indicating arrearage of $25.599.14, page l of transmittal unreadable, 2 pages copies of page l and page 3 again. In short the paperwork was worthless and useless. I immediately called DHS: Rankin County, and was once again told by clerk there was no one available to speak with me, she said she would inform Ms Lee and Ms Cheek and have someone contact me. I then called Ms Jayna Estes, Regional Director (Rankin Co, DHS) as I had not heard back from her. The secretary said Ms Estes was on vacation and she had no idea who was taking her calls during her absence. She told me to contact DHS: Rankin County for this information. I called DHS: Rankin County, the clerk said she did not have that information and did not know where I could get it. She said no one was available to talk to me, but she would have someone contact me. February 2, 2006 called DHS: Rankin County, clerk said that their system was down and no one could talk to me. I asked her if there was a possibility someone could call me back today. The clerk said, probably not, and Friday’s no calls are accepted or returned so maybe I should try back on Monday, February 6, 2006 February 3, 2006 The front page of today’s Clarion Ledger headlines was “DEAD BEAT DADS”. There were pictures of the 10 most wanted (in dollar amount of due child support). Surprisingly the amount owed by Michael Skarina far exceeded all but one of these individuals. I immediately called your office (Mr. Wally Naylor, MS Director Child Support Enforcement) to beg for assistance and intervention in dealing with DHS: Rankin County. I was told by the secretary that Mr. Naylor is out of the office today, but the message will be given to him to contact me and also a message will be sent to Ms. Jayna Estes for her to contact me As you can readily see, there has been a constant struggle for many years to have DHS: Rankin County assist us with collection of child support owed to my granddaughter Heather Renee Skarina. It is very evident I am going to need divine intervention if I am to be successful. So I am reaching out to you. Louisiana DHS: child support enforcement cannot do anything without the proper paperwork and documents from MS. The DHS: Rankin County office should know what this proper paperwork is, it’s their job. Not only are they sending error filled paperwork to wrong email and physical addresses, they are deliberately delaying doing anything to correct their errors or expedite the handling of this issue. I am aware that DHS: Rankin County has no vested interest in pursuing this as a high profile issue because any money collected with not go to MS. But that should not negate this office from helping me. I am a Mississippi tax payer and should be entitled to the same benefits, efforts and treatment regardless. I appreciate the time you have taken to read this excessively lengthily letter. I wanted to ensure that all the history both back and current was made available to you, so you could see what a horrendous chain of events has taken place. Michael David Skarina needs to be held accountable and pay this child support that he owes. I need the help of Mississippi Department Child Support Enforcement to do this. Please help me. I await your reply to my request. Carol Goldman