Regarding the Child Support

2006 January 19

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
----- Original Message ----- From: Carol Goldman To: Robert Levy Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 7:04 PM Subject: Update re: MS Dept Human Services/Heather Skarina Mr. Levy, I actually went to Brandon to DHS/Child Support Enforcement office. I will cut to through the chase and get right to the facts. Mrs. Lee, (DHS-Supervisor) checked the file and finally called your office to verify the address. She then told your secretary she sent the request to: District Attorney/ child support enforcement, PO Box 842, Alex. LA. on January 9, 2006. Apparently this was via US Mail. She then started to re-do the request and send it to the correct mailing address. She allowed me to read a copy she had printed and I couldn't believe all the errors on it. Document said Leyona Skeen wrong should be Carol Goldman VS Michael Skarina Document said "Divorced in LA, wrong should be Colorado Document said: monthly childsupport $150, wrong should be $350 Document said time span 9/91-1/06, wrong should be 9/84-7/04. Total arrearage said, $25K wrong should be: 1984-9/91 $18255.00 (LA- Judgment) 1991- 3 months 1050.00 1991-2003 (11 years) 46200.00 2004 (months then B/day) 2450.00 Total arrearage $68955.00 The judgment for $18500 was reduced from an original amount of over $25K. I'm don't recall why this was done. When I pointed out the numerous errors on the paperwork and asked again to see the file she had, she then informed me that I needed to contact you and have you subpoena the file. I told her, I was aware that only I could do that. She told me, she was not going to allow me to see the file and requested that I give her back the transmittal sent to LA. I gave it back to her. I can only assume she did not want me to have a copy of a document that contained so many errors generated by her office. I immediately went to my estate attorney and he filed a subpoena for "the entire case file from DHS in Rankin Co. He had the attorney Ms Cynthia Cohly served (hopefully this afternoon). He told me that usually the agency has 10 days to deliver a complete copy of the file. When he calls me to come and get it, I will make a complete copy and mail it to you Priority Mail immediately. I have no idea if DHS here in MS is going to go ahead and send to your office a corrected order to reopen the case. Ms Lee stated she was going to do this. I am having a hard time putting any faith in anything MS says they will do. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the above or if you need to discuss anything with me. Again, I wish to convey my deep appreciation to you for assisting us with this issue. My fear is that if Michael becomes knowledgeable of what is happening he will again flee, to avoid paying this money. Fondly, Carol Goldman 601-xxx-xxxx Florence MS 39073-8242 Leyona wrote: Thanks. It's printing as I type.... I had a feeling this was too easy..I'm glad I didn't put too much faith into what was being said. They have had 16 years to fuck this up, and Who are we to expect it to take any less time to un fuck it.