My Questions about the amount of Drugs in her system but still NO ANSWERS

2006 November 27

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
The pill bottle Michael Skarina turned over to Lt. Carl Bordelon was a Prescription for Amitriptyline/ Elavil 25mg tablets dispensed #30. If the MLD (Minimum Lethal Dose) is 3 grams or 120 25 mg tablets where did the rest of the pills come from and why was this not brought up during the autopsy? How did she get such a large amount of pills into her system when she only had 30 tablets to begin with?? This is why this case will NEVER GO AWAY. Everyone knows he had a hand in this yet they still turn a blind eye to the obvious. He took advantage of her at a time she needed a "daddy" and the money he owed her and she found out quickly that was never going to happen. She infatically told the patrolman she did NOT want to go home with Michael after the incident on the road, where she was FLAGGING TRAFFIC to get away from him, yet he convinced her she had no where else to go and so she did; although she rode to Michael's apartment with the patrolman and then she was found dead the very next day. I hope you informed him that his actions possibly led to her death, No I wouldn't think so. but maybe if he had taken her to the station, let her call someone to come for her... but she was NEVER given that chance. Just taken and dropped off in a place she didn't want to be. Questions, and more questions. You may never answer them, but I will continue to ask. Respectfully, Leyona Goldman (Skeen)