Mr Knight NEVER responded to any of my e mails or letters

2006 November 17

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
In all due respect Mr Knight, I am awestruck as to why I have received no response from your office it has now been well over a month since our phone conference and I am still not in receipt of the items I asked for in October. I also am still waiting on some information as to the where abouts of the tissue samples and original autopsy report and the rest of the photos that were taken of my daughter's body and the crime scene. If this case is not prosecutable I see no reason I can not have these questions answered and get these items I have requested. I was told when Heather-Renee' died that I would receive a complete copy of the autopsy. I requested this in writing over a year ago to the coroners office. I have since called them & they too will not return my calls. Why exactly is every one ignoring and/or avoiding this case? Do you really think we are going to just give up? I fought the LA DHS for what, over 20 years? So you really think that the murder of my daughter is just something I'm going to give up on, after only a year?? Not in my lifetime, Mr Knight. I again respectfully ask that the documents in question along with the entire set of photos, the original autopsy, not the narrative, be sent to me. This is at the very least the third or fourth time I have requested these documents & recordings, etc. Please have the respect to acknowledge my e mails and requests in a timely manner. Regards, Leyona-Ruth Goldman (Skeen) Mother of Heather-Renee' Skarina Honolulu, HI 96825 808-780-xxxx 808-394-xxxx FAX again I give permission to FAX these documents, as this comes straight to my home. (I would prefer the photos be mailed) cc: Carol Goldman File