Again NO RESPONSE from the Attorney General Mr Knight

2006 October 26

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
Mr. Knight, I realize you are a busy man, yet it has been 23 days since I sent my first e mail and have yet to receive a response from you. You responded to my mother the next day in writing. I have yet to receive any of the items I have requested. Also You only gave us a portion of the photos, I would like the rest. Three people took photos and there is only 14? I think not. Please have the decency to reply as we have done nothing other than have faith in you and your office only to be let down once again. I regret the way things went in the end but that does not have any bearing on my questions nor requests. I feel I deserve at least that. I need to know; are Heather-Renee's tissue samples still available? or were they destroyed weeks before we received the report? The toxicology report was dated 9/29/05. The lab states that unless they are told otherwise they destroy the samples after 6 weeks. Is this the reason that no 2nd autopsy was performed? They had the toxicology back in 7 days.... yet why was it December before they released it? If those slides do not exist, it is my belief that Rankin Co held the results purposefully in order to have the slides/tissue samples destroyed after 6 weeks. Everyone was aware that this case was still being investigated. I called Lafayette myself on a few occasions. So they knew that those slides/ tissue samples were not to be destroyed. I can not get an answer so, I am asking you: Where are Heather-Renee' s Blood/slides/tissue samples ?