I wrote NBC Dateline.. again

2006 October 06

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
Mr Slepian, I again am writing for your help. I apologize for not having written prior to flooding you with e mails. We are getting no where close to getting answers to my daughter's death. They still can not tell us when she died, still NO TIME OF DEATH? As you see the AG's office was of no help to us at all. This is long & has a very twisted story that could go on for days, I won't do that now, but I pray you will help us. I can not believe there are laws that say a man can just walk away from a child support obligation for 22 years & unless they the, child file prior to their 22 birthday, ALL THIS MONEY JUST GOES "POOF" gone? And 2 states battling it out over jurisdiction. How is this possible? Back & forth I have been jerked around by the Rapides Parrish and Rankin Co, MS child support ENFORCEMENT. Since Heather-Renee' was 9 months old I have been attempting to get support, but no, they told me that I had to get him to MS in order to serve him. I did just that, for 2 months the man lived in my home, I called them to pick him up, a resounding NO. He lived less that 5 miles from me for a year. They still wouldn't pick him up for one reason or another. I was fighting a loosing battle. HE was a truck Driver at the time they could have pulled his license, He owed in excess of $80,000. More than the most wanted child support avoider... Yet why is that they allowed him repeated in light of being served papers to appear, he nor his attorney showed, MR Robert Levey, who was the Assistant DA at the time chose to drop charges & do nothing, No bench warrant/ He had him and just let him go (claiming MS had jurisdiction, at a later date) This went back & forth between the two states for years. I really need some guidance, these people not only have repeatedly lied to me given me false sense of hope and I need to know who else is there. The FBI may now be getting involved. The crime scene photo's speak for them self, NO 10 year old child would walk in on his sister laying at the foot of the bed with blood all over her face, mouth & floor. They want us to believe he simply walked away thinking she was cold so he covers her up? They say he went in the room on more than one occasion to try to "wake her" Then, Walks back into the room his father is "sleeping" in & does nothing?? Most children of any age would have been screaming to the top of their lungs scared to death. Det Stephans, of the Rapides Parrish SO told me himself in a conversation that "Christopher is a rather intelligent and articulate 10 year old child. Very matter of fact in his answers." I asked him then if he was so mater of fact, could it be that Michael prepared him for the questions? He asked me how he could do that, I simply stated, as an officer in a youth detention center, he possibly would have access to questions they ask minors in these situations. He simply went silent and then quickly ended our conversation. I understand you may not have any interest in this story but please help me find someone who will truly help because my faith in this system is pretty much none existent. I appreciate the time it took to read the e mails I sent yesterday, thank you for at least that. I appreciate any help you may be able to give. Thank you so very much for just listening Leyona Goldman Skeen {Mother of Heather-Renee' Skarina}