Meeting with the Attorney General

2006 October 03

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
Carol Goldman wrote: Ms Martin, It is my intention that you forward this message to both Mr. Knight and Mr. Wilson and whoever else you may deem interested. April 11, 2006 you wrote me a letter informing me that the investigation into Heather R Skarina's death had been recused by the to the Attorney Generals office. This letter was followed by a phone call to me from you on April 18, 2006. During this phone call, you informed me the Attorney Generals office was going to conduct a through investigation and all our questions surrounding her death would be answered. You assured me that "no stone would be left unturned" and "agreed there were too many unanswered questions and areas of concern which needed to be investigated. You informed me the Attorney Generals office was assigning a group of assistants which would be dividing the case and working on their specific tasks and then all would regroup and discuss their independent findings. Once this was concluded you would re-contact me. April 20, 2006, after speaking with you on the phone, I agreed to forward to you all correspondence I had to aid the Attorney Generals office in being assured vital information was not omitted from the file received via the Rapides Sheriffs Department. April 21, 2006 I began forwarding emails to you. In total I forwarded sixty-four (64) emails to you. I received confirmation that you had received all of them. June 27, 2006 I spoke with you and you stated Mr. Wilson had a independent coroner (Dr Ross) from Jefferson Parish conducting another autopsy and would render her decision upon completion. September 28, 2006 finally after waiting a few days short of six (6) months, my daughter Leyona Skeen (Heathers mother) and myself, received a phone call from you, informing us that the Attorney Generals office wanted to set a meeting to discuss the findings of your investigation. A agreed date and time was set. October 2, 2006. I drove to Baton Rouge La to attend the scheduled meeting. Leyona was telephone conferenced for the meeting. In attendance was Mr. Knight, Mr. Wilson, yourself, Leyona and me. Briefly stated Leyona and I were told that the Attorney Generals office could not charge Michael Skarina with contributing to Heathers death in any way due to there being "no eye witness" nor "a confession by Michael Skarina". In essence the Attorney Generals office was closing their files. At this meeting both Leyona and I requested copies of all the investigative reports, findings, memo's, autopsy reports, D.A. office reports, Ball police reports, Rapides Sheriffs reports, LA. State Police, and any other documents not considered classified. Copies were made and provided to me in a semi-sealed envelope and given to me as I left. The contents of the envelope were as follows: 1) Lafayette Parish Coroner autopsy report performed by Collie Trant, dated 9/19, 2005. 2) Ball P/D incident report, 9/17/05. 3) Ball P/D witness statement (Michael Skarina) 9/17/05, 0400. 4) Ball P/D witness statement (Lorraine Galliien) 9/17/05, 4:35. 5) Ball P/D witness statement (Leslie Clark) 9/17/05, 0430. 6) Ball P/D witness statement (Heather Skarina) 9/17/05, 4:30. 7) Ball P/D witness statement (Misty Clark) 9/17/05, 4:35. 8) Ball P/D incident report 9/17/05, 05:35. 9) Ball P/D incident report 9/18/2005, 1027 Hrs 10) Ball P/D accidental or natural death report competed by Lt. Bordelon. 11) Copy of Heathers drivers license and social security card. 12) Incident Report, completed by Lt Carl Bordelon 9/18/05. 13) Victim Report, part two of item #12. 13) Memo from LA State Police SGT Michael Migues 14) Ball P/D memo from Lt Carl Bordelon 15) Three (3) pages written by Det. Mick Stephan (notes regarding notification of Heathers death and subsequent request to be recluse from case. 16) Rapides Sheriffs offices memo (Det. A.T. Ribaudo 9/18/05. 17) Ball P/D evidence release 10/5/05. 18) Crime scene, trip sheet ( Ribaudo) 19) duty sheet (M. Stephan) 9/18/2005 20) listing of medications taken from residence 9/18/2005 21) Certificate of Death 22) National Medical Services Toxicology Report 9/29/2005 (4 pages) 23) Memo from Leyona Skeen re: Dr Flanders reports 12 pages. WHERE ARE THE FOLLOWING REPORTS? 1) Dr Ross's (Jefferson Parish Coroners office) report . If she did one where is it? 2) The independent Detectives report you told us you had assigned/requested to investigate Heathers death. Surely if this was done, there would be a case file, and notes, interrogation reports etc.. 3) Michael Skarina's written accounting of the events which lead to Heathers death. Taken 9/18/05 and subsequently thereafter. 4) Christopher Skarina's written or recorded (then transcribed) accounting of the events of the weekend of 9/17-9/18/05 and subsequent finding of Heather. 5) The fact finding listing of all the questions which were suppose to be asked and responded to surrounding Heathers death. Listing which the Rapides Sheriffs Department, D.A. office, LA State Police, and Attorney General office have had from the beginning of each agency/department being appraised of the death of Heather. In short, the Attorney Generals office "HAS HORRIBLY FAILED IN DOING THEIR JOB" Your office deceived Leyona and I into believing you were going to thoroughly re-investigate the death of Heather and Michaels involvement. You have not done that. You "said" you handed the case file to a detective to review. Your office basically just passed the buck, you did no investigation. IF you did WHERE ARE ALL YOUR REPORTS AND WHERE IS THIS DETECTIVE'S REPORT? You said you had a independent coroner conduct another autopsy using the tissue samples from Heather and render a bias finding as to the "time" and "cause" of death. If you did this, WHERE IS HER REPORT?. What you did was give the first autopsy report to her and have it reviewed. What kind of a through re-investigation is that? You pacified us into believing your office was going to find answers and would work diligently in conducting a through investigation, and bring closure to our family. YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING, BUT PASS REPORTS OFF AND HAVE THEM REVIEWED. FOR ALL WE KNOW YOU DIDN'T EVEN DO THAT AS YOU DID NOT PROVIDE US WITH COPIES OF ANY REPORTS YOU STATED YOU HAD CONDUCTED. YOU WASTED SIX MONTHS OF OUR TIME AND KEPT US QUIET WHILE WE ASSUMED YOU WERE CONDUCTING A THROUGH INVESTIGATION. SHAME ON YOU. Your office informed us yesterday they have closed this case. I want to inform you, that your office has closed this cases but have but we have not. We will continue to aggressively pursue getting answers to basic questions, Michaels involvement, Heathers time of death, the blotched autopsy performed in Lafayette LA, the failure to divulge Michael Skarinas work association with the Rapides Sheriffs office, Heather being taken from Mississippi to LA, the drugs that contributed to Heathers death and our belief that Michael Skarina fed them to her. We were informed the Attorney Generals office would send the crime scene photos to Leyona ASAP. We await the receipt of them. Should the fact that failure to supply me with all pertinent documents yesterday be a complete oversight on the AG office, I await copies of the missing documents, reports and memo's. Upon receipt I will render a sincere apology for my harsh words of criticism. Carol Goldman Heather Renee Skarina's, Grammy 119 Lynn St Florence MS 39073 601-845-2695 copy: Leyona Ruth Skeen Ms Martin and Sirs; I understand you are not probably not who this needs to be addressed to, I will hope you will forward this on to those I may have missed.. I am extremely disappointed in the handling of this so called reinvestigation, I feel as my mother, this office wasted our time and gave us false hope of some answers that should have been easy to answer had there been a thorough investigation into this. Why did he lie & say she lived with him,then change his story after they found her work ID from Vicksburg, MS, where she lived. If you were re investigating this why was no one talked to? You never interviewed a sole as far as we know. You had countless letters from friends, photographer's she worked with & family, telling you she would be the last person who would ever harm them self, she had a bright future, a job at the hospital, and apartment all her own with a brand new niece who she adored. My main questions surrounded the autopsy & the "Pathologist" couldn't find time to attend to help me understand findings that were a part of an official document. It still makes no since that she could OD'd on that amount of medicine and the others claim that he would have had to force her... well how do you explain away "a puncture wound on the inside of her left arm with bruising ?? Is this how he could have gotten that much in her?! Between the sleeping pills. Yet, That was never mentioned by anyone in that room. Why exactly wasn't the pathologist available when I repeatedly questioned the autopsy findings? None of you could answer those questions & the one person who could, chose not to attend. If she did another autopsy Mother & I would like the report. I would also like the original autopsy photos, along with the crime scene photos. After the altercation at the trailer & the fight between the 2 of them, they continued to fight at the apartment. Heather-Renee' wanted to leave the detective said himself she wouldn't even get into the car, & she was flagging traffic for a ride. Well guess what?! she was 4 hours from home & knew NO ONE! where else was she to go? She wanted to get away from him & they knew it. Yet, When called to the home 24hours later & she was dead they still never treated this as a "crime scene" Michael set the scene when they arrived and lied over & over & they never thought anything of it even after catching him in each lie. Mother says none of your investigative papers were in the few things you gave her. If these documents exist would would also like those. You may choose to think that this is some sort of vendetta against Michael for all the pain he has caused me and my family over the last 25 years, but trust me I had chance to sit and watch him die of the very drugs that Heather-Renee' had in her system, but NO, I let him live. That is my only regret in this life, not letting him die when I had the chance. His very own mother told me to get out while he was hanging onto life. So yes history plays a huge part into this. I know first hand what he is capable of, the mind games, the physical abuse, and the delight he took in tormenting people's minds and the ability to make you believe whatever he said. We had a German Shepard once, Michael came home late,drunk & looking for a fight; well that dog saved my life that night.He tried to rape me after beating me, he had tried to leash the dog prior because he knew she would protect me. After the dog managed to get him off me. I woke up in the ER with a swollen face & multiple bruised organs. When they released me from the hospital Micheal taunted me about having killed the dog but i wouldn't believe it. So, he took me into the woods and showed me the bones of my dog with the collar still around the neck. Told me that could be me one day if I didn't behave. That is one of many, but I won't bore you with this because you have made up your mind. He's too good for you to catch. We have no evidence because this man is extremely intelligent, he made sure he could cover his tracks well, But I still have a problem with a CHILD not reacting to his big sister on the floor with blood on her face & hands, he covers her up & walks away? Then goes back to the very room his father is "sleeping" in? Yet doesn't awaken him... This insults my intelligence and I can not believe any one else bought it either. As you say the case is closed on your part, I say you never opened it. It was a bad time for the coroners office, Katrina had taken it's toll & one pathologist died, must have been easy to push off an "apparent suicide" & hope no one would question it. Well here we are questioning everything from DAY ONE & have NEVER gotten any answers just a bunch of half truths, misguided information and the RPSO saying it was our idea for the independent investigation when in reality he was the one, He wanted out of the mess they made & got as far away as he could. You may think this is over but, it has only begun. Michael is at fault here in some form or fashion and you know, your problem is you don't have enough evidence, well why haven't you gotten out there & looked for it ? Did you even do a background check? In all the documents in the items you gave my mother had attachments, but the attachments weren't there. The audio recordings of the interviews with Mike & then with Christopher. I was told by detective Stephans that there were no such audio recordings yet now in his own statement he admits to them, yet where are they? I believe when I asked for ALL of the information you had in this case you would give it to us. We'll see if the rest of the files come to light. You said you divided this up between others, Where are those findings? The most important is the pathologists findings after she reviewed the slides and came to her own conclusions on findings from them, where is that report? Why if there was such a high level in her system, why is it she didn't have vomiting & convulsions, which happens during a Flexeril Overdose Where did the puncture wound come from ? So thank you for 5 months of hope, hope that one person would finally listen,Because for so so long nobody would. They let him get away time & time again I went years fighting for child support that just disappeared after she died even though she was in the process of getting the papers ready to file, months before her 22 birthday. So this just goes away? How many other "father's" will kill their children to get out of paying all they have to do it wait it out. I suppose I should have known he'd get away with this too, and considering you had no answers to our questions, you wasted my mother's time, caused her an agonizing trip alone back to Mississippi. With literally NOTHING more than we already knew. As Mother said, if these report attachments all come to light I too will be sincerely apologetic. I look forward to the autopsy & crime scene photos to be sent soon. And soon after the documents & audio recordings that were not given to my mother at the time we requested them. My Regards, Leyona Goldman Skeen