Heather & I fly from Denver to Mississippi

1984 April 10 - 15

Created by Leyona 13 years ago
Heather & I left Colorado and flew back to Mississippi. I decided to leave because he had physically abused me more than I could count. In the days prior to our leaving we had a huge argument over his drinking. He threw me out of the house [literally] down a flight of stairs into the yard, and told me I'd never see Heather again. After calling the MPs {we were stationed @ Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center] I was able to get back into the house to get some of my things. They would not let me have Heather or my car because Michael told them my drivers license was expired and they would not let me drive on post in order to get off post. (* He forbid me to renew my license on my birthday in Feb) I had to leave the house, I went to a hotel across the street from Post and called my parents. The next 2 days I looked for Heather @ the baby sitters and she wasn't there. I called around and found out he had taken her to work with him so I could'nt find her. I made up my mind I was just going to take my chances and just go take her back. I managed to get her and whatever i could get into a suitcase and diaper bag and we left. I stayed at the hotel until I was able to get out of town safely.