Another year..

2009 January 16

Created by Leyona 12 years ago
Wow, another year has gone by and here we are still wanting, needing and asking for answers. I have multiple Facebook pages and the one main page they took away from me, on Christmas Eve! no less, not that I really care about the holiday but come on! Timing folks is everything. Imagine for just one minute. 3 years of working every day vanish.... links broken, pages gone, gone.... I felt as if she had been ripped away all over again. and sadly I think I know who did it. That even rips my heart out more. I hope I am wrong but if not this will be the final straw.. I can not take any more of this evil, selfish, jelousies that continue to lurk about. I care not to play any more... Google Heather Renee Skarina