CGoldman1 September 18th, 2011

Today I gave you daisys. I gave you 28. One for every year we shared and one for everyday you have been gone. As I placed them in your garden my tears silently flowed for the grandaughter I truly loved who is just a memory.I know the daisys will wilther away but the memories so precious within me will always stay. Nothing will ease the saddnes of the pain I've come to know,for no matter how much time goes by I will always love and miss you so.In my dreams hear your voice. We talk we laugh about silly unimportant things. Each day is less bright,less full, just less everything...I feel your love within me, yet it's you I want to hold. Memories ease the pain for moments, sometimes days,but still I cry for the loss I feel so deep inside. Nothing can replace you,nothing will ever be the same. Our love will always remain. We love you so and always remember.... Grammy and Poppa xoxoxoxoxoxo