Haley got married

From Leyona on January 9th, 2015 Haley got married

Haley got married April 13 She made a beautiful bride. I am sorry she felt it necessary to have to lie to everyone about where I was, she neglected to tell them, I wasn't invited or included in any way. So sad that she chooses to be an orphan when she has a mother who loves her. Sadly she got married with no REAL family around, she chose not to include her siblings either, I know she didn't invite her ONLY BROTHER and surviving SISTER and she let 2 men who have done nothing but bring heartache to our family walk her down the isle after saying she was going it alone after her father died. So much for family. I hope she makes a new life and new family to take the place of the one she threw away. (Have a happy life honey. I do love you.)